Travel Coaches, the New Travel Must-Haves. What They Do and Why You Need One

A travel coach isn’t a travel agent, nor is it a tour guide. They won’t tell you where to go, how to wander and if you should pack a winter jacket or a swimsuit for your upcoming getaway. Travel coaches offer a different kind of support for those who wander the world.

They are like a compass or a map that you take along with you to stay oriented. They help you find your north and forge your own path to getting there. Then, when you lose your way, they remind you how to get off the beaten path and back onto your own you trail. They give you tips, tools, or reminders for how to achieve the changes you seek, but more importantly, they help you clarify what those changes are.

Embarking on a quest of inner exploration can be daunting, but as you travel, you’re already outside on the confines of the daily grind. Shifting, modifying and updating the inner you is easier. A travel coach wanders along with you and helps you through the inner transformations you seek as you travel the world.

A travel coach helps you gain clarity and direction

You’ve lost your job, your partner and have decided take advantage of your life falling apart to travel or move abroad. But seeing sights and understanding cultures are secondary to what this trip is really about.

Like your own version of Eat, Pray, Love, you want to head out into the world to (re)find yourself, to (re)connect with the inner you and remember what’s important.

These are big questions that fellow wanderers at hostel will struggle to help you answer.
A travel coach helps you design your travel adventures so that you find answers to these huge questions. And as travel is already an ideal context where to explore such massive inquiries, hiring a travel coach gives you the best chance of finding the way for you, in travel, but even more importantly, in life.

Other instances a travel coach can help you gain clarity and direction:

  • For an expat doubting “should I stay or should I go back home?”
  • For an avid traveler who’s been wandering the world for a while and isn’t finding the joy/fulfillment/purpose/”fill in the blanks” they were looking for.
  • Someone who’s moved around a lot and wants to find a place to call home.
  • Before heading out for a 2 week soul-searching holiday.

Inner exploration guide

While wandering the world, we’re already outside of our daily routine and the limits of our rigid viewpoints. Being in foreign lands opens us up to new experiences, new ways of seeing the world, and of seeing ourselves. Why not take advantage of these expansive opportunities to finally dive deep and explore the inner you.

Get acquainted with the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions, and all that other inner stuff to see what’s going on in there. Becoming aware of this stuff is the path to freedom.
For me, inner exploration has been what’s made me feel empowered and in control of my life. Before doing any self-discovery, my automated reactions to thoughts and emotions and the limited stories of my beliefs called all the shots. They sat in the driver’s seat of my existence.

These inner elements forced me onto the beaten path, filling my life with unfulfilling activities and causing destruction in my relationships (with myself and with others). Becoming aware of my inner stuff has gifted me the opportunity to actually decide how I want to live in every moment. It allowed me to choose my path at every moment in life.

A travel coach can help anyone who’s keen to embark on this type of inner exploration. By using different tools and mindful conversations, they can help you see the standard way you do/think/process things, so that you can consciously decide if that’s working for you. From there, you can more consciously decide what is/isn’t working for you and make adjustments.
Ultimately, they help you consciously design your life so that it suits you and the dreams you have. And they help you make these changes as you travel.


A expat and travel coach makes home an inner state

For people who travel a lot or relocate to new cities regularly, it’s easy to end up feeling homeless or as though home stops existing as soon as we pack up our bags and hit the road again. The constant movement stops us from allowing deep roots to grow.

Avid travelers or expats often struggle to feel grounded.

The exciting news is that home doesn’t have to be linked to a certain place. Home can be something you find inside yourself.

A travel coach can help build a sense of groundedness or home within oneself.

For me, this comes with growing my self-love and self-awareness. I feel more found and at home within myself when I’m connected to who I am, what’s important to me, and live congruently with all that.

I feel found when I’m forging my own path and really being active about building a live that feels right for me.

A travel coach can help avid travelers find those feelings and choose a life path that authentically suits them.

After years of wandering the world, I can remember dozens of times where I felt lost, disoriented or as though I was wandering the wrong way. So one day, I stopped moving. I stood still for long enough to find all that I was missing. I learnt tools to help me be more mindful of how I live and travel. Now, as a mindful expat and travel coach, I help fellow wanderers when they’re struggling to make this adventure theirs.

Travel can be a superficial escape from reality or it can be a chance to transform your reality into something magical. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

The way you decide to go will either positively change lives or allow the status quo to stay intact. Transformative travel doesn’t only impact the wanderer, but also others in their lives, the communities they wander through and the entire world.

I don’t know about you, but I think the world is ready for a more mindful travel industry.

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