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First tiny step

Free goodies if you're curious about the topic. ​

Start walking

Low-cost tools to get you moving forward.​

Leap boldly

Personalized sessions to really go deep.​


If fear is stopping you from living the travel or life adventures of your dreams, it’s time to finally face them head-on. 

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Face Fear Quick Fix
Cheat Sheet

A handy worksheet that'll get acquainted with the fears that get in your way. Get it FREE when you sign up for the newsletter.

Finally Face Fear
Mini course

A quick 5-session course that'll help you understand fear and learn how not to let it take control of the ride.

Finally Face Fear for Good

One-on-one sessions to get you packing up your fears so that they no longer stop you from achieving all your biggest dreams.


If you’re feeling lost and disoriented and don’t know how to take the next step forward, it’s time to stop. Assess where you are. And see the best way to move forward. 

Whether it’s during travel or in life, crossroads are tough. Confusion about what’s next, how to do it and somehow detouring all the obstacles can be mind-numbing. But it can be a bit easier with some extra tools and support. 

Get some help figuring out what’s next for you. Click on the box below that’s right for you.

First Step to
Finding your Trail

Get this FREE express workbook that'll get you started on finding your own personal way.

Dare to Pivot

An online course to help you get oriented about what you want and how to start moving towards that.

Next Steps to your New Direction

Personalized sessions to help you figure out what's important to you and how to start moving towards that.


You’ve traveled the world (twice) and still feel like you’re looking for something; a place to call home, your ideal job, a partner in crime, or meaning. Something is missing.

It’s time to stop looking externally for what you have to go within to find.  Find a home, love and peace within so that no matter where in the world you are, you feel found.

I’d love to help you embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Resources and Ideas to Connect Within

Get this FREE cheat sheet filled with tools and tips to start getting to know your inner self.

Find you Way

A guide detailing the steps for how to embark on your own journey inwards. 
Coming soon!

Your Journey of
Self Discovery

One-on-one sessions to help you get started on your own journey within.


There are plenty of other topics we could explore together: 



  • Making here home – No matter where in the world you are, it’ll feel like home
  • Moving back home, or reverse culture shock 
  • Self love and self care while on the road or away from home
  • Intercultural relationships
  • Figuring out what freedom is for you
  • Learning about easy-to-travel-with inner wellness tools
  • Getting unstuck, changing directions and catapulting yourself into a new adventure
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