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Services to help you make your travels transformative.


Personalized service for travelers or expats who are ready to make their overseas experiences transformative. Through 1:1 sessions that include coaching, NLP, mindfulness, meditation and/or yoga, you'll figure out how to use travel as a space of inner exploration.


For companies, organizations, or individuals who work with mindful travelers or any traveler seeking a transformative overseas experience. This includes study abroad students, international volunteers, digital nomads, avid travelers or anyone who's ready for growth as they wander the world.


We offer online courses for those looking to transform at their own pace from the comfort of their laptop wherever in the world they are. These courses help travelers confront fears, move through life transitions, all the while getting to know and strengthening the bond with their inner self.


In-person and online events to grow, expand and transform as part of an international group. Weekend retreats, day retreats and other events that offer spaces of growth, inner exploration, and creativity to connect with the inner you. This is the way to designing an ideal adventure for you.

Get off the beaten trail and forge your own path. 

Wander the world and make it impactful, for the inner you and the world at large. 

You Choose the Way
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