1:1 coaching

For travelers and expats who are ready for a transformative travel experience

Let US be your guide

Are you ready to finally embark on a transformative travel adventure?

Maybe you’re keen to but need some guidance on how to get there?

We’ll help you forge your own path towards inner explorations as you wander the world.    





During our conversations, I’ll help you:

  • Disassociate from the stories you tell yourself.
  • We’ll explore the reasons you “can’t”.
  • Set goals and clarify how those will be achieved.
  • Create empowering beliefs and states of mind.
  • Disconnect from others’ expectations, societal norms and your “shoulds”. 
  • Be better; not just feel better. 
  • Tune into your mind, body and soul and allow yourself to be guided by them. 
  • Feel more connected to yourself, to others and to the world. 

During our sessions, I’ll use different tools and techniques to get you to open up and unravel what’s within you. The main ones include:

Travel Coaching

BUT WHAT IS an expat and travel COACH?


what you'll gain from one-on-one coaching

new percpetiveS

You'll become free from limiting viewpoints, to see more clearly how to get to where you want to go.


You'll become clear about what is getting in your way and how to overcome it. ​


You'll get clear about what you want and how to make it happen.


You'll gain insight into the thoughts, feelings and beliefs within you, as well as life in the present moment.


You'll learn to take responsibility for the life you lead, and when and how to seek support.


You'll discover how to find strength and love from within yourself.

What working together might look like

Let me tell you a bit about it

Are you ready to invest in yourself to truly create change?

What past travelers have said about us

"Working with Jo was wonderful. After the first session I already felt like I was talking to a long-time friend. I felt completely safe and at ease telling Jo stuff I actually hadn’t told anyone else before. (Even not to myself! Haha!) That said, the results I got after only five sessions are amazing. It’s weird how ‘just a conversation’ can turn your world upside down. (For the better!) Before we started the sessions I was completely stuck and feeling like I was walking around in a big cloud of fog, I had no idea where I wanted to go, let alone how I would get there. All I knew was that I didn’t like where I currently was. With clever questions, responses and custom meditations Jo was able to crystallise exactly what I wanted and helped me figure out what I needed to do to get where I want. I did the work and now, within 2 months after starting the sessions, I am exactly where I wanted to be!"
Dutch Digital Nomad in her late 20s
"Why would you want to work with Jo specifically? Because she is a good listener and has an open mind. She truly dives into your personal alternative lifestyle and thinks along in directions other people simply can’t grasp. (I’m a digital nomad for 2,5 years now and lot’s of people simply don’t understand why I want this and/or that it can be very difficult sometimes because of seemingly ‘silly’ reasons.) Jo is able to switch between helicopter views so you get a clear understanding of yourself and your life(style) and diving deep into details of your personality, limiting beliefs and other areas in your life that’s holding you back."
Dutch Digital Nomad in her late 20s
"I would sincerley recommend Jo as a coach, she made me face the depth of my blockages and uncovered what I have been trying to avoid for so long. In only 5 sessions we achieved our ‘goal’ of finding me a home. Jo challenges people in their perceptions, external and internal. Its such a gift for someone to put a mirror in front of you and hold space for you to deal with it. You saw when my priorities changed and was able to accommodate this without being attached to the ‘goal’ we set for the sessions. Its so important for a coach to realise that development is a journey that may take different road than you expected."
Slovenian aid worker
"I enjoyed all of our sessions. The main benefit to me was having a space to feel safe, speak up and brainstorm ideas for improving my life. I tend to confuse myself with too many ideas but you kept bringing me back to focus on just a few.
Jo made me feel understood and safe, right from the beginning. She established and maintained rapport very well indeed. She helped me consolidate my scattered thoughts, kept bringing me back to focus. She also took me through processes to help clear some negative memories and beliefs. Additionally she emailed notes from each session to me which was helpful for me to recap and to use in the future as well. "
You Choose the Way