You Choose the Way

Guiding adventurers on journeys of inner explorations

You want travel to be more than just visiting sights along the beaten path.

You want travel to bring you growth, liberation, freedom, and joy. A space for inner exploration as you wander the world. We’ll help you map out the way to a transformative travel adventure that’ll improve your mindset, expand your perceptions, help you gain clarity, insight, and purpose.

Detour within

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We also work with companies that work with these transformation seeking travelers.


We'll help you map out your next steps before, during or after travels

Free Online Coffee Chat

These are a perfect way to get to know one another and unpack our expectations. From here, we can make sure that we'd be a good fit to work together. I'll tell you about the process, methods, and tools I use to ensure transformations.

Group or Solo Services

We offer both individual coaching sessions and group programs to teach you about mindfulness, help you discover what you truly want from your life and travels, and bring more joy into your days. Transformation will happens.

Travel + Transform

You can go through this process before, during or after your travels and the action plan can continue throughout all of those stages. We'll work together to help you explore the inner you as you wander the world.

benefits of working with us


Draft a road map with your goals, values and guiding forces at the center. You'll get clear about what you want from your travels and how to make it happen.


An inner compass that leads you to greater meaning, joy, and balance.


Hold you accountable, support you and guide you along the way.

You Choose the Way

We'll walk by your side to make self-discovery a part of all your overseas adventures.

Inner Exploration Tools

Teach you techniques to master loneliness, heartbreak, nostalgia, or disorientation while traveling.

Overcome obstacles

Confront fears, difficult emotions, limiting beliefs or other inner obstacles getting in the way.

Feel found

Feel at home no matter where in the world you are.

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A space to connect with others on a similar journey and uplift and support each other.
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Psst... I have a travel secret for you

But it’s only for those brave enough for the wildest adventure of their lives.

We travel to explore the world, but no tourist sight, far-off land or off the beaten path location will ever compare to this adventure I want to tell you about.

This journey goes inwards. It helps you explore the depths of the inner you and understand the ideas, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and habits that guide you. Only once you’ve discovered what lies within, can you truly take the reins of your adventure.

It’s time to get off the beaten path and brave the trail that you were meant to walk.

We want to help you incorporate this inner aspect to global travels to make your time overseas metamorphic. 

Inner Exploration + Global Travel = Life-Changing Transformative Experience

Whether you’re already living or traveling overseas, haven’t left yet, or a getting ready to head back home, we can help guide you to make this the trip that truly transforms you.  

Are you ready for this kind of travel experience?

Hi! I'm Jo

After over 12 years of traveling the world seeking a city, community or home where I felt “found”, I realized something…

What I was looking for couldn’t be found anywhere in the world; I’d have to look within myself.

After exploring the depths of my ego, befriending my inner-critics, and untangling the web of my beliefs, I’m super excited to guide fellow travelers towards the detour path of their own inner journey.

Not only so that they can live happier, more fulfilled lives (which is also freaking amazing!), but so that together we can build a world filled with freedom, equality and compassion.

How can you take your first steps today?

Discovering the path for you can be tough, but no worries, I have a road map.
You Choose the Way