A Free 5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Every few months, I host a free 5-day mindfulness challenge in my Facebook group Travel to Transform. It’s usually such a transformative experience for those who join that I decided to leave the notes of this journey here, in case anyone would like to start their own mindfulness practice right now.

Find your way through meditation

If you’d prefer to wait and do it with us as a group, join this community and you’ll get notified once the next mindfulness challenge starts.

If you’re ready to start learning about this practice solo, all the information is below.

For each day of this challenge, you’ll find:

  • A video with an explanation and meditation about the subject
  • Some questions to reflect on
  • Some questions to journal about

Do the elements of the challenge that help you start your own practice. If you’d like extra support, I offer 1:1 sessions. You can book a free coffee chat to see what sessions with me would look like.

Now, if you’re ready, let’s get this challenge started!

Day #1 of Mindfulness Challenge

The first day is all about better understanding what mindfulness is and how it’ll revolutionize your life. Click the video below to watch the session for day 1.

To get you exploring mindfulness a bit more on your own, here are some extra activities for today.


Sit quietly and just think for a few minutes.

  • What thoughts go through your head?
  • Are the thoughts positive, negative or neutral?
  • Do they benefit you or not?
  • How do they serve you?


Writing can be an awesome tool of exploration. Here are some things to write about today:

  • Throughout the day, what activities, people or circumstances make you feel present?
  • When do you have a hard time letting go and being ‘here’ in the moment?
  • When do you “check out”?
  • What are you checking out behaviors (i.e. I check Facebook or What’s App too much, work, TV, etc.)

That’s all for day 1 of the challenge.

Day #2 of Mindfulness Challenge

In day 2, we explore the depths of our inner self.

Below, you’ll find some questions to keep exploring the topic of inner self even further.


Sit quietly and just think for a few minutes.

  • What were you taught about your emotions as a kid?
  • How were you taught to handle them?
  • Is there any emotion that you have a more complex mental story about (having this emotion is especially bad, it is to be avoided, that having would it make you weak, stupid, unlovable…)?


Choose 3 emotions. Write about a recent time each emotion arose.

  • In the moment, did you know the emotion was there?
  • Who was responsible for that emotion appearing?
  • How did you react to that emotion?
  • Did you consciously choose that reaction?
  • How would you like to react when that emotion appears?

Awesome work on completing day 2!

Day #3 of Mindfulness Challenge

For day 3 of the mindfulness challenge, we explore how mindfulness can help us create stronger bonds with others.

To keep exploring this topic even more, here are some prompts and questions.


While chatting with someone today, reflect on how present you are with the interaction.

  • How focused are you on what you will say?
  • Are you listening to them with your full attention? If not, where does your attention go?
  • Are you listening to them with an open mind and an open heart?


Spend some time writing about your beliefs about love, relationships and connection. What rules dictate how you connect with others? For every belief you find, ask yourself:

  • Is it true?
  • Does it benefit me?

Day 3, complete! Well done!

Day #4 of Mindfulness Challenge

Today, we’ll be investigating how to use mindfulness to create thriving communities.
Here is the video for day 4 of the mindfulness challenge.


Consider the following areas of your life: buying clothes, buying and eating food, travel, transportation, work, and how you manage time.

Reflect on how these different areas of life affect others. Consider every different element of this area of life and how your actions in this area affect others. Think of people near and far.


Thinking of these same areas of life mentioned above, write about the areas you feel that you’re already aware of your impact and take conscious action to have the most positive impact possible (or in some cases, the least negative impact possible). Then, write about areas where you might focus more attention on bringing awareness into.

Day #5 of Mindfulness Challenge

On the last day of this challenge, we explore how we can bring mindfulness into our travels.


Think about the last trip you went on. What impact do you think your visit had on the local people, the local economy, and the natural environment?


Write about how travel has changed your life and the planet. Write about the good stuff, the bad stuff and everything in between. Make sure not to just write about the pleasant transformations that travel has created in your life or in the world, but also the problems, conflicts, and negative elements.

If you’ve done this challenge and would like to dive deeper into this practice, I offer a 9-week mindfulness group program. If you’d like to find out when the next cohort starts or get more info about the course, click the bottom below.

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