The Day I Escaped from the Rat Race

I’ve been needing a change in my world for a while now. I think about, write about and try to live very true to the ideas I speak about here in this blog. Consciously choosing my path is something I take very seriously. Yet, day after day, I’ve…


Uncovering the Hidden Beauty in Hard Times

Constant happiness is the state many yearn to live in.  Even a mini glimpse of any emotion that is slightly negative is shunned and rejected.  It's a shame too because if you're looking, you can find tonnes of beauty in hard times. Hasn’t it happened to all of…


How to Afford to Follow your Dreams

Not having the cash seems to be the number one excuse people give as to why they aren't pursuing their dreams. Don't let that be what stops you.  Anyone can afford to follow their dreams, if they decide that is what's most important to them.  Having traveled throughout most…


Dealing with the Stress of your 9-5

Do you ever come home from work feeling so worn out that all you can do is plop yourself in front of the TV and zone out? You might feel like your brain is too fried to even sustain a conversation and your body is tense and irritable. …


Screw being Normal

The good things about being weird When we’re kids, we’re all weird. We do exactly what we want, whenever we want to do it. We put crayons up our noses, play with monster trucks when the urge strikes and sing and dance in whatever circumstance we feel like.…

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