We hold all kinds of different events in different formats and styles. The purpose is always to engage and uplift a global community of international explorers. 

We hold in-person retreats, workshops, and trainings, and also offer virtual events, too. They often revolve around topics like travel and culture, combined with mindfulness, personal development, finding truth/joy/purpose, or yoga. 

For continuous in-person events see below, and all information about virtual events can be found on our Facebook page

Virtual during covid-19

Cancelled until further notice

Our events always include

  • A sense of community or togetherness
  • Time and space for introspection
  • Tools and activities to explore and expand the inner self
  • Limited luxuries to ensure affordability, all the while welcoming attendees in a clean and comfortable space that inspires transformation
  • A space to disconnect from to-do lists, technology, and the fast pace of "regular life"

If you have a course, training or event you’d like to organize and are looking for a facilitator, coach or yoga/meditation teacher, I can also be hired for specific events. 

Visit this For Companies page to find out more about working together. 

You Choose the Way
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