Planning a Life Shift? Why you Need to Think Beyond Logistics

Think back to the last massive life shift you did. Maybe it was that big move to a new city, the time you embarked on a mega travel adventure, the new job you recently got or any other pivot that required significant adjustments. How did you plan for this pivot? Surely you had no choice but to confront the tangible, administrative aspects of the change. It’s impossible to plan for a move without figuring out the paper work and renting a moving truck. But did you ever stop to consider the importance of also planning to change your mindset?

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Probably not, eh? I know, that type of work is much more draining than applying for a mortgage or figuring out where to leave your things while you travel around the globe for a year. But like it or not, if you want this life shift to bring you into a new and improved direction, it’s inevitable that a change of mindset will also have to happen.

Types of life shifts that require mental adjustments

Some examples of life shifts include:

  • Starting a new romantic relationship, ending one or taking your current one to a new level
  • Changing jobs, industries or type of role
  • Starting your own business or side hustle
  • Embarking on a big travel adventure or bringing a long travel stint to an end
  • Moving to a new house, city or country
  • Having kids or getting a new pet
  • Taking up a new hobby or studying a new skill
  • Making adjustments to your social circle
  • Creating new beneficial routines or getting rid of old bad habits

But realistically, to determine if your live pivot should also include a change in mindset, you need to figure out why you’re looking to make this change.

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It’s not actually about the type of shift. Changes that require internal work can be massively huge life altering shifts, or even mini routine adjustment. It’s not about the size, it’s about your reasons.

So if you’re looking to change jobs, ask yourself why.

Is it because your boss is too tough to deal with, is it because you don’t like the types of tasks you’re given or is because you’re ready for something new?

Once you understand better the surface reason, ask yourself if you’ve taken responsibility to try to make this situation better. Have you considered your boss’ point of view or spoken to your boss about your dissatisfaction, or do you prefer to just leave without saying anything?

This way, your boss can forever be known as the reason you weren’t happy in that job. You can forever wipe yourself clean of any of the dissatisfaction being your fault. You were just an innocent bystander of your boss’ insanity.


What changing your mindset even means

We all live our lives based on the mindsets we hold. Our beliefs, our opinions, our feelings and our thoughts dominate our existence.

So, the fact that I live in Madrid with my partner, in an apartment in the center isn’t what’s most important to my happiness and wellbeing. What’s important is how I feel about those things.

A lake view from one perceptive
As beautiful and sunny as Madrid is, this external environment won’t be what brings me true lasting internal joy.

You can especially notice this when you’re going through a phase where you’re not pleased with a certain aspect of your life, like work, for example.

I’m sure everyone can think of a phase they had where they felt completely dissatisfied with their work life and all that fits into the 9 to 5 portion of the day. Then one day, nothing external changes and yet there you, at your desk, with a smile on your face. Suddenly, you’re happy again. You remembered how awesome your coworkers are, love the projects your working on, and the joy you feel when you get things done well.

The only difference between these 2 phases is the way you looked at the situation. Your perception.

Changing your mindset is just that, looking at a context from a new angle or a different way that you usually look at it. P

A lake view from a different perceptive
The same beautiful lake as the picture above, but from a different angle. See how perception changes everything.

This subtle shift in viewpoint usually can bring forth massive internal adjustments. Changing our feelings, opinions, beliefs, and thoughts can redefine who we are from the inside.

Why you gotta do the dirty work

Sorting out flights or updating your resume if you’re looking to move or change jobs is necessary. If you don’t do these logistical tasks, the life shift tangibly won’t work. And so, yes, they are important as well.

But if you think that changing jobs/partner/city will be all you need to become happy again, often times that’s not the case.

Often times when we’re looking to make massive life shifts, we do so because we’re not feeling happy or fulfilled with our current lives. So, we look to see what’s not working and see how we can make adjustments.

And although that’s a good place to start, it shouldn’t be where the planning for the life pivot stops.


Unless you take the time to also change some of the internal conflicts that are causing uneasiness, no matter how often you change jobs/cities/lovers/hobbies/social circles, the same conflicts will keep arising.

It’s only once you find happiness, love and fulfillment inside that you’ll be able to create an external context that oozes those same sentiments.

How to change your mindset

Warning: this isn’t for the faint of heart. Changing your mindset is tough work and requires you to go deep within. If you’re gonna do it successfully, you gotta be willing to be honest with yourself about your own shit.

Changing your mindset starts by you taking responsibility for the life you lead.


Many people prefer to blame others for their situation. It’s their boss’ fault that they’re miserable, the economy’s fault that they’re broke, their partner’s fault that they cheated and the politician’s fault that our world is the way is it.

But unless you are able to recognize your contribution to the situations you’re in, nothing will change. You can move, change jobs, and swap out your partner as often as you like, but it won’t change how satisfied you feel with your life.

If you think the world and everything in it sucks, you’ll always find reasons to be unhappy.

To change that, the change has gotta come from within.

To do this you gotta start by connecting within. Once you have a better idea of who you are and what you are all about, then and only then, can you start the work of adjusting your mindset.

Get started on your own successful pivot

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