We offer different services to help people cultivate more compassion, consciousness and connection to improve their lives, relationships, communities, and the world. 


We offer in-person and online events to help those interested in mindfulness connect with others on a similar path - everything is easier when supported by others. These events become our training group, to cultivate more awareness, compassion, and connection.


Our 6-week mindfulness course is specially designed to teach practical and scientifically proven techniques to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while improving focus, resilience, compassion, and general mental health. We make learning about this stuff fun and easy!


We offer a variety of ways to help you independently explore mindful living, like our self-paced online courses, articles, or the book The Trip to Your Truth, a journey of inner exploration in the format of a travel adventure.
It's a wild ride through the different areas of mindfulness.


For companies that want to bring more mindfulness into the workplace. Mindful Living doesn't only benefit our personal lives, but teaching leaders and staff how to be more aware and kind as they do their work can improve communication, efficiency, and create a more pleasant work environment.

Learn about Mindful Living to get off the beaten trail and forge your own path. 

It’s time you stop living based on others’ rules. It’s life, live it your way!



Check out the articles from our blog. There are articles with topics ranging from how to live, travel, communicate, and relate more mindfully, to meditation and consciousness techniques, all the way to tips for how to authentically design your own life.

Online Courses

We have 2 online courses available. Date to Pivot teaches you how to get out of a rut and smoothly move through change, and Finally Face Fear is about healthily co-existing with fear so that it doesn't block you from living your dream life.


The Trip to Your Truth is all about exploring your inner self but in the format of a global travel adventure. It guides the reader through different areas of life and shows different explains how to bring awareness and compassion into each twist and turn.

You Choose the Way