Mindful living tools and resrouces

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Learning about mindfulness and how to incorporate this practice into every moment of your day can be tough. That’s why we want to help. We offer plenty of FREE and low-cost options to learn about Mindful Living and start practicing it now!



Check out the articles from our blog. There are articles with topics ranging from how to live, travel, communicate, and relate more mindfully, to meditation and consciousness techniques, all the way to tips for how to authentically design your own life.

Online Courses

We have 2 online courses available. Date to Pivot teaches you how to get out of a rut and smoothly move through change, and Finally Face Fear is about healthily co-existing with fear so that it doesn't block you from living your dream life.


The Trip to Your Truth is all about exploring your inner self but in the format of a global travel adventure. It guides the reader through different areas of life and shows different explains how to bring awareness and compassion into each twist and turn.

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