This guidebook is for curious adventurers who are ready to explore the depths of their inner selves. By embarking on such a bold quest, they can figure out how to ditch the beaten path and swerve onto their own authentic life trail.

Let me be your guide

Use that adventurous spirit to explore within yourself and design a life you love!

This practical guidebook leads you on a journey to explore the depths of your inner self. In the format of a global travel adventure, you’re brought to different areas of your life, both inner and outer, to assess, reflect and choose your own adventure from a place of awareness and acceptance.

In The Trip to Your Truth, we travel through different areas.

  • The deep caves of our inner selves are where we explore thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, identity, and much more.
  • The ruins of our past are where elements like habits, beliefs, and perceptions are created. We excavate the site and find buried gems hidden in the rubble.
  • This leads to the bridges that link us to others. It’s from here that we explore our beliefs and habits about love, connecting with others, communication, community, and building a better world.
  • From there we take a break to reassess the tools we’re carrying with us and see which way to go to find our own authentic life path.
  • The adventure ends with a return home, to the garden within us.

If you’re interested in creating a happy life that’s authentically guided by your truths, this guidebook will help you find your way.

Make the most of this adventure

For those already reading the book and looking for extra tools to help them transform as they move through the adventure, download this FREE workbook.

This workbook has activities, journal prompts, and other  ways to help you explore as you move through the book. 


Trip to your Truth Workbook