You Choose the Way

Minduflness tools and events to help you design a life with more love, awareness, and connection.

Ditching the beaten path to build better lives, relationships, and communities.

Practicing mindfulness leads to actively connecting to the present moment to help you build a more fulfilling life. 

But this isn’t just about improving your own life, this practice can help you transform your relationships, communities, and the world.

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Who we work with

Anyone interested in improving their lives and the world

Our activities, courses, and resources are ideal for those who:

We also work with companies who want to teach their leaders, employees, or stakeholders about mindfulness.


Everything we do is to help bring more awareness and kindness into the world

Mindful Living Events

We offer in-person and online events to help those interested in mindfulness connect with others on a similar path - everything is easier when supported by others. These events become our training group, to cultivate more awareness, compassion, and connection.

Mindfulness Course

Our 6-week mindfulness course is specially designed to teach practical and scientifically proven techniques to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while improving focus, resilience, compassion (to ourselves and others), and general mental health. We make learning about this stuff fun and easy!

Tools and Resources

We offer a variety of ways to independently explore mindful living, like our self-paced online courses, articles, or the book The Trip to Your Truth, a journey of inner exploration in the format of a travel adventure. It's a wild ride through the different areas of mindfulness.

How can you take your first step today?

You Choose the Way