What Choosing your Own Path Really Means

As You Choose the Way grows and flourishes, I spend more time talking about what choosing your own path means. I’ve realized that how I describe this idea can be confusing because of what my path looks like. Long-term travel, unconventional professional aspirations, custom-made relationship rules, daily meditation…


6 Habits of People that are Too Nice

Being nice is a beautiful trait.  Sometimes, I think it’s even undervalued. Nice people are the unsung heroes who help us feel good about ourselves when we’re down, take care of us when we’re sick and are always willing to go above and beyond to help us shine.…

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How to Afford to Follow your Dreams

Not having the cash seems to be the number one excuse people give as to why they aren't pursuing their dreams. Don't let that be what stops you.  Anyone can afford to follow their dreams, if they decide that is what's most important to them.  Having traveled throughout most…


Dealing with the Stress of your 9-5

Do you ever come home from work feeling so worn out that all you can do is plop yourself in front of the TV and zone out? You might feel like your brain is too fried to even sustain a conversation and your body is tense and irritable. …

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